This contact page is still coming together. If you need help don’t hesitate to email:

Don’t be shy about contacting Uberscott–the developer of Recert5– And Don’t worry about him thinking your quesitons are stupid or mean… Uberscott handles ALL kinds of feedback fairly. Just checkout some examples below:


Here are a few example corespondence that could have easily been responded to with ridicule or anger on some other open source project, but not here:

Dear Uberscott,

I wish I was good like you, but instead I’m bad like me.  I’m afraid that if I try to install this operator my whole cluster will fall apart and I’ll be blamed and be the laughing stock of the entire tech team–especially our resident bully the CSS guy… 


And Uberscott responds:


Forget about the operator for the moment, FIRST: We gotta fix your self esteem.  

Remember you are part of a proud tradition of Kubernetes Dev/Ops Engineers whose lineage can be directly traced back to the engineers of ancient times that made the great works of humanity such as the Pyramids of Giza, The Water Works of Rome and the Ancient Greek Teenage Roller Rink (Best place to make out during the Hellenistic period)…

And our kind has always strode forth with righteous confidence because of the fact that it doesn’t matter that we have NO idea what we are doing so long as we can produce EXPLANATIONS of what we do that generate even more confusion in our bosses heads–This is what you have forgotten.

So don’t fret that some CSS developer is going to tease you about blowing up the cluster 50 times and bankrupting the company – they’ll lay him off first anyway since management can quantify the value he adds and come to a logical conclusion that he’s gotta go whereas with your more elusive contribution management will decide to keep you based entirely off their superstition that no matter how terrible you seem to be your absense may attract an even worse unimagined scenario.


And sometimes people are not so nice but Uberscott will always dig deep to see what’s really going on and give a thoughtful and helpful reply:

Yo Uberscott,

Uhm, Hi, I’ve been a Golang developer for about 20 years now and honestly when I look at the code you created for this operator it makes me want to physically attack you.  

Can you send me your home address?.

–Doug Brundle


I used the same little trick as you to game the unemployment agency by telling them that I was a RUST developer for 10 years before the language actually existed.  

Of course in the case of RUST I still can collect unemployment since as exaplained to me many times that corporate America just won’t hire a RUST developer because of the enormous risk… I’m trying to remember the exact phrasing but it was ether that they won’t hire a RUST developer or won’t hire a RUST developer with a criminal record–I guess it doesn’t make a difference, in both cases they are trying to avoid the same thing: risk.

Anyway, the unemployment proved to be invaluable. How do you think I was able to find so much free time to write opensource software to give away to people for free?   Most of us in the community are either unemployed or living with our parents.  (both for me, by the way.)

Also some friendly advice to you: I would be careful about announcing that you are a GOLANG dev and then threatening someone.  

We all know that developers who choose languages that lack a terminating semicolon at the end of line never use their right pinky fingers… Therefore their right pinky fingers become weak and atrophied.  The secret to taking down a GOLANG developer is widely known to be grabbing the right pinky and twisting it creating such discomfort and pain in the developer’s now vestigial appendage that he becomes immobilized.

If you want a more fearsome job description just say you are an SQL DBA who always uses upper case SQL and has never once relied on the caps lock key like some weakling. Guys like that can claw a JAVA developer to death with their bear hands–it’s not even close.

I hope my reply has been helpful. Can we work out a schedule of when you plan to come over and kill me? There are a few conflicts I need to work around where it will be inconvenient if I’m dead.


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